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CTG not read properly nor acted upon, medications questioned. Another needless death – 4 May 2015


Waikato Maori Health adopt the good start from the Finnish – 20 April 2015


Another AIM family has their case verified as preventable – 20 April 2015


Midwife admits failings in Baby Adam Barlow death – 16 April 2015


Transfer rates acquired by OIA to DHB – 18 March 2015


Related to the two links below, Jenn challenges Midwifery Council re publishing all former names of midwives – 24 March 2015


‘Sub-optimal’ midwife practises under different name – 19 March 2015


Another family let down by their LMC and put through needless suffering and potential danger- 17 March 2015


Hospital refused to scan – 14 March 2015


Jenn on Radio Live up against Midwifery Council rep – 8 February 2015


Full service petrol station! – 5 February 2015


Deflect. Defend. Deny – 2 February 2015


The long awaited Coronial recommendations – 31 January 2015


Whilst we have many AIM families that would have benefited from more scans, we are yet to meet a family that has been harmed by having too many – 25 January 2015


Another of AIMs hard working families has achieved a win through the courts this week. Sadly it’s another case of a hurt family forced to battle to get what they are entitled to – 14 January 2015


Choice without full information is not true choice – 8 December 2014


Social media mishap by midwife – 3 December 2014


A small but not flawless step in the right direction – 24 November 2014


Modern medicine and science creating miracles – 3 October 2014


Fully informed? – 27 August 2014


Yet another family that AIM is supporting with yet another catalogue of errors – 18 August 2014


More from the case released today, this time from the family themselves – 18 August 2014


An article made up almost entirely of quotes from the story shared by Shalom’s Mum on AIM’s website – 7 August 2014


Two more needless tragedies have been outlined this week within HDC reports – 5 August 2014


Exciting news for those with disabled children that have struggled to do the basic chore of household shopping – 16 July 2014


Another cluster of shocking needless tragedies detailed in the article below – 8 July 2014


A truly horrific experience for this Taupo family – 4 July 2014


A home birth gone wrong that once again holds many of AIM’s commonly occurring ‘red flags’ – 30 June 2014


Study finds multivitamins linked to fetal death – 24 June 2014


Another needlessly hurt family – 16 June 2014


Claims babies lives at risk – 9 June 2014


Climate change an apparent priority for NZCOM – 5 June 2014


A small article regarding Charley’s Sunday program – 23 May 2014


Charley’s Sunday program – 18 May 2014


“…there was a very serious failure of a very basic monitoring requirement.” “This case will stand as another example of the kind of performance that we do not expect and cannot tolerate.” Radio interview with Health and Disability Commissioner regarding Axton’s case – 19 May 2014


Another of AIM’s families – 19 May 2014


A Dutch opinion piece on their maternity system. As you read this piece, remember that home births and birthing unit births are near equal in the level of care they offer NZ women, being primary care – 2 May 2014


Uncertified midwife continued to practise – 22 April 2014


“Fear of offending women has emerged as a reason some aren’t asked to stand on the scales, despite guidelines recommending that every pregnant woman be weighed.” – 11 April 2014


Another of AIM’s families – 8 April 2014


The resulting from the postnatal psychosis case – 26 March 2014


Another sad maternal death and another family left feeling empty and let down – 25 March 2014


Native Affairs article regarding the tragic Nathan-Tukiri deaths – aired 17 March 2014


Brain Injury Awareness Week offers hope for the future – 10 March 2014


“Hospital overcrowding, workplace rivalries, midwife shortages and poor care for at-risk women were all highlighted…” – 17 February 2014


Two articles related to the first day in Coroner’s Court for the Nathan-Tukiri Inquest and showing some of AIM’s role in it – 17 February 2014


Teen Mum required surgery after midwifery ‘care’ from a newly graduated young midwife – 3 September 2013


Many of AIM’s common warning signs can be found in this tragic story – and, sadly, so many others. 19 August, 2013,tsf


Hospital found responsible for severe disablement of new mother – Stuff, 21 July 2013


Outbreak of Whooping Cough worsening in Dunedin, with levels higher than usual nationwide – Otago Daily Times, 21 July 2013


Two midwives found at fault for baby’s death – NZ Herald, 8 July 2013


The dates are set for the Huntly Birthcare/Nathan-Tukiri case – NZ Herald, 5 July 2013


Resuscitation skills found to be lacking – NZ Newswire, 16 June 2013


Midewife found to have failed in care of baby – 24 June 2013


AIM’s take on the 7th PMMRC report – 13 June 2013


A great start from the Finnish – BBC News, 4 June 2013


Another independent midwife found guilty of misconduct – NZ Herald, 23 May 2013


“There appears to have been lost to the community an appreciation that childbirth has inherent and unpredictable risk.” ABC News, Australia -10 May 2013


30th out of 34 developed world countries for the high number of maternal deaths. Leading the world with our maternity services? NZ Herald – 7 May, 2013


AIM’s Letter to the Editor in response to NZCOM statement. Waikato Times – 01 May, 2013


NZCOM statement regarding the Waikato Times Article that named one of the midwives involved in the death of a mother and baby out of Huntly Birthcare – 27 April, 2013


Midwife quits after providing poor care. NZ Herald – 22 April 2013


Midwives least likely health professionals to be immunised against flu. NZ Herald – 24 March 2013


Another family let down by our midwifery-led system. NZ Herald – 18 March 2013


Long distance transfers for vunerable families – 13 March, 2013


More evidence of poor data collection. “The problem remains hidden, and under-reported, because of the way foetal trauma is coded in vital statistics and the lack of pregnancy status recorded in crash and injury surveillance systems.” NZ Herald – 12 March 2013


AIM supports families, regardless of what their needs might be – NZ Herald, 10 March, 2013


Two recent Waikato baby deaths to be investigated by the HDC after Coroner and ACC processes deem both preventable – Waikato Times, 5 March, 2013


Jenn on a NZ based Chinese TV, complete with subtitles, though not in English! February 28, 2013


Huge case surrounding the “horrific” tear from Queenstown – 19, 21, 22 February, 2013


Lowest rate of infant deaths but also the slowest rate in improvement… “Long-term trends show that the infant mortality rate has decreased more slowly in the last decade than in previous eras,” Statistics New Zealand said. One News – 19 February 2013


HDC deem another baby death preventable – 4 February, 2013


A home birth goes wrong in Australia – The Telegraph, 26 January, 2013


A ‘bad call’ leads to another baby death – NZ Herald, 17 January, 2013


Three brain injured babies in ACC’s top ten most costly cases – 2 January, 2013


Ever wondered what it might be like to care – and grieve – for a severely disabled child? – By Julie Keon


More on Paige’s UK battle for ACC – TVNZ, 6 January, 2013


The UK aims at transparency with care provider ratings – The Guardian, 29 December, 2012


Two stories on another systemic maternity-related  failing – NZ Herald, 19 December, 2012


More on the deaths of Casey and Kymani Nathan-Tukiri – Waikato Times, 15 December, 2012


More staff recommendaed at Waikato, plus Melanie’s story – Waikato Times, 1 December, 2012


An American blogger on ‘broken’ women – 24 November, 2012


An Australian opinion on the where’s and how’s of childbirth{%2210151359669970739%22%3A140051386139332}&action_type_map={%2210151359669970739%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map


‘Natural’ vs other birth methods – UK Mail Online, 21 November, 2012


Action finally urged for Counties Manukau – NZ Herald, 15 November, 2012


Concern about the c-section rates, but is it warranted? – Sunday Star Times, 12 November, 2012


Clinical Indicator data released. See AIM’s view in the comments below article – Waikato Times, 30 October, 2012


Yet another call for integrated care – Waikato Times, 11 Ovtober, 2012


Perhaps we could learn from the UK? – BBC Nwes, 26 September, 2012


Apology for errors leading to baby death – NZ Herald, 19 September, 2012


‘Safety’ of baby in a different way – NZ Herald, 15 September, 2012


The ‘sisterhood’ of motherhood – Opinion piece, 14 September, 2012


An Australian opinion piece regarding Home Birth – 9 September, 2012


Great information regarding baby movements from RCOG in the UK


A step in the right direction re bottle vs breast – Sunday Star Times, 9 September, 2012


System goes against Right to be Fully Informed – Waiikato Times, 4 September, 2012


NZCOM complaint  against media not upheld – Waikato Times, 30 August, 2012


Bottle feeding mothers treated diferently in hospital – 29 August, 2012

And it’s follow up in one DHB:


Breast is best, but bottle will do – 26th and 28th August, 2012


Another baby death in Hawkes Bay – Radio NZ, 18 August, 2012


Like so many others, this case ticks off many of our Common Warning Signs – Radio NZ, 16 August, 2012


Baby death in Hawkes Bay – AIM speaks about the Coroner’s report – Radio Live, August 16 2012


A brave family tells their tale of grief – Native Affairs, 1 August, 2012


Research reveals new treatments for hypoxic babies – 28 July, 2012


Information about safe sleeping not consistent – 23 July, 2012


Hidden loss of Unborn a national tragedy – NZ Herald, July 8th, 2012


Christchurch plans for new primary care unit discussed – The Press, July 5th, 7th & 8th, 2012


A birth injured child fights for ACC cover at home in the UK – NZ Herald, 27 June 2012


Another needlessly hurt family searching for answers – NZ Herald, 26 June 2012


Baby deaths dicussed in some detail – NZ Herald, 23 June, 2012


Maternal suicides take the spotlight – again – but at the cost of more prevalent concerns? – 13 June, 2012


Sixth PMMRC report released – June 2012


A well-known NZ blogger recognises AIM’s vital work – 26 May, 2012


TV One news coverage of double tragedy – 23 May, 2012


Mythical ‘Cascade of intervention’? – 14 May, 2012


Another hit for women’s choice – NZ Herald, May 28th,2012


AIM continues to voice concerns – NZ Herald, May 25, 2012


AIM voices concerns, over three different news bulletins, regarding the latest Waikato maternity tragedy – Radio Live, May 24, 2012


Mother and baby both tragically lost to childbirth – Waikato Times, May 24, 2012


AIM on Breakfast to discuss the Coroner’s findings and recommendations in the Adam Barlow case – TVNZ, May 9, 2012


An example of why AIM wants full disclosure of practitioner complaints history – NZ Herald, April 1, 2012


More concern regarding Whanganui changes, this time from midwives – Waikato Times, April 1, 2012


Nurses voice their concern at increased risk for Whanganui families – NZ Herald, March 30, 2012


VBAC not necessarily safest – NZ Herald, March 28, 2012


Jenn talks on Breakfast about the survey of bereaved families, instigated for the first time EVER at AIM’s suggestion – TVNZ, March 15, 2012


AIM highlights dissatisfaction in Maternity Care Survey – Waikato Times, March 14, 2012


More recognition for AIM’s hard working founder and spokesperson – March 13, 2012


AIM’s first representation within a Guest Column – Waikato Times, March 13, 2012


Fewer NZ women satisfied with pregnancy care – March 11, 2012


Systemic failures blamed for baby’s death – NZ Herald, 5 March, 2012


Another devastating outcome due to lack of communication and poor communication – 28 February, 2012


Another preventably heartbroken family – NZ Herald, 21 February, 2012


Whanganui looking likely to loose obstetric services – NZ Doctor, February 8, 2012


Midwife being investigated for stealing medication – Dominion Post, January 21, 2012


Midwife criticised over baby death – Rotorua Daily Post, January 18, 2012


Maternity focus for award finalist


Kiwis know of caesarean risk


The first step is to hope the recommendations are made. The second is to hope they’re actioned. Sadly, so very many times, they are not. Wanganui Chronicle, 2 December 2011


Seven years have passed for this grieving family with resolution yet to come – 1 December 2011


23 Nov 2011  “…the shift in today’s guidance, to formalise a woman’s right to choose a ceasarean, was in part justified by the change in scientific evidence about the relative risks of caesareans, which now suggests that overall the risks are similar to vaginal delivery.”


Mums REALLY being listened to in the UK!!! C-Sections being allowed as a choice – 23 Nov 2011


Mums REALLY being listened to in New South Wales!  – 20 Oct 2011


West Coast without obstetric cover – October 12th, 2011


Mother recognised for maternity battle – 6 October 2011


Is there an obession with natural childbirth? And at what cost?  UK Daily Mail, 4 Oct 2011


A warning for “Baby Wearers” – 20 Sept 2011


” …a drive to persuade Chinese women to give birth in hospitals, rather than at home, had been hugely successful.”  Sept 16, 2011


Recognition for our Founding member and Spokesperson, Jenn Hooper – 11 Sept, 2011


AIM sees inadequacies in Referral Guidelines – August 22nd 2011


Children’s Commissioner is ‘outraged’ and complains about N&S magazine mock-up cover picture but says nothing of the appauling (but true) content – 17 August 2011


Dutch women abandon homebirth system ‘similar’ to NZ – August 7th 2011


Jenn’s interview with Susan Wood – 30 July 2011.



Janine on Channel 9, Dunedin – July 29th 2011.  NOTE:  To clarify the facts, 14% of these babies died needlessly.  That’s 98 parents that took home an empty carseat.  A third of the 14 mothers that died were also preventable.  Neither this report of any other show the needless damages and disabilities left behind each year, but a few can be found in Our Stories and also in the Charley’s Angels slideshow on the homepage.


July 29th 2011 – Whilst we applaud the fact that maternity is becoming more of a priority, throwing money blindly at an as yet unseen target is not the answer.


A tick for better cohesion between the different skill sets – July 2011


Jenn discussing the North & South article on Newstalk ZB – July 14th 2011



North & South answers their critics – July 2011


July 2011 – It’s disappointing that the choice of cover picture can bring on more disgust and outrage than needlessly dead and disabled babies – shame on you NZCOM.


AIM and THE article from August’s issue of North & South magazine – FULL PDF VIEWABLE HERE:


Got a couple of minutes to spare?  Forward to 3 minutes 25 seconds for Jenn’s question to John Key – July 2011


AIMing at the top! – July 2011


A system that looks after it’s most vunerable? – May 2011


$54.5m to add to the $103.4m from 2009 (which is yet to materialise), yet still no full Perinatal Database – May 2011


“A baby in a growing twisted body” – April 2011


An example of our “robust and reliable accountability system”? – April 2011


The Lancet page which has all the articles and commentaries from the article below. After a simple registration process, the articles are able to be accessed in full and for free.


NZ’s stillbirth rate amongst the highest in the developed world.  Stillbirths occur ten times more frequently than cot deaths, and that doesn’t include the damaged babies – April 2011


The launch of AIM – March 2011


UN ‘staggered’ by NZ’s infant mortality rates – January 2011


“…midwives’ prescribing is some of the worst and they’re the hardest to track down” – Dec 2010


The ‘Hooper’ petition – NZ Doctor, November 17,2010


“It’s a quality and safety issue” – Nov 2010


The funding for a second midwife at a homebirth is already paid out (whether they attend or not) – November 2010


November 2010 – “NZ College of Midwives’ Nelson-Marlborough chairwoman Andrea Vincent said the college already recognised the need to have a second midwife present during a home birth. “There’s nothing new in that,” she said.” And yet, no-one ensures it happens.


Jenn mets Pippa Wetzel on Breakfast TV, celebrating the Health Select Committee Recommendations – October 2010


‘Invisible Babies’ Deaths Preventable – October 2010


Waikato Times article regarding the latest PMMRC report on deaths of mothers and babies – October 2010


The latest report from the Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee and makes for sobering reading.  You can read the full report here:


Mary Casey, Christchurch Midwife – Sept 2010


A similar system to what we have been lobbying towards since 2009 – August 2010, Australia


Another sad case of a lack of basic care – July 2010


July 2010 – Let’s not confuse the Midwifery First Year in Practice with supervision and experience…


The story of Adam Barlow – July 2010 (YT: A mother’s nightmare) (YT: A mother’s nightmare)


Medication error for newborn baby – July 2010


Article comparing Canterbury’s high C-section rate to Counties Manukau’s low one – July 2010


Article regarding Counties Manukau’s very high death rate for babies – March 2010


“Without any experience, they are practising on people’s lives. It’s not safe.” – December 2009


Deaths of pregnant women preventable – Dominion Post, 21 November, 2009


Jenn on Radio NZ soon after making our presentation to the Health Select Committee – Sept 2009


A member of our network making her voice heard.   From Channel 9, Dunedin Television:

The mother of a Dunedin child affected by Cerebral Palsy that was caused due to complications and inadequate professional treatment at birth, is calling for a review of midwifery systems in New Zealand.


Jenn’s article in the Waikato Times


Interesting article out of Australia


Deanna and Timothy’s tragic story, featured in the Waikato Times late August, 2009


Dead baby’s family let go of fight – July 2009



Jenn with James Coleman, Radio Live, Tuesday June 23 2009




The founding members go to Wellington, TVNZ One News, Monday 22 June 2009, meeting with Tony Ryall, Minister of Health


NZ Herald Article


Christchurch Press Article


TV3 Article


TVNZ Article


Charley’s story from 20-20, TVNZ, Thursday 16 April 2009

To watch: (YT: 20/20 – Charley’s Story) (YT: 20/20 – Charley’s Story)

To read:


Death of overdue baby, Midwife charged with professional misconduct – Article from March 2009


Babies Stillborn As Signs Missed – March 2009


“What we should all be trying to do is making sure these things don’t happen.  We all play a part in that” – Karen Guilliland, January 2009


Baby dies after early discharge – January 2009


“NZs maternity system is an ‘unfortunate experiment’ from which the rest of the world will learn” – January 2009


…in hospital, “the chances are the baby would have been rescued” – December 2008


Newborn suffers brain damage due to lack of feeding support- November 2008


October 2008 – Nothing has changed that would make this article any less relevant today


“Without proper data, assurances that everything is satisfactory are meaningless” – October 2008


Care given to mother and child was “deficient in several respects” – October 2008


Maternity services ‘on low priority’ – October 2008


Mother scalded during labour – October 2008


“…the coroner finds issues with the system, and they just disregard it” – July 2008


“How many tragedies are there needed before there is action, and not just another report?” asks opposition health spokesman Tony Ryall – July 2008—doctor/tabid/209/articleID/61680/Default.aspx


‘Divisions in Maternity Care’ – July 2008.  Is “risk-averse” for newborn babies really a bad thing?


An example of grieving families left without adequate support – June 2008


A Huntly midwife responsible for a baby death, and a student mw quitting – 18 October, 2007


Grieving mother warns of Homebirth risks – July 2007


Another family devastated by “a multi-system failure” – March 2006


Delay leaves baby severely disabled – March 2006


Tony Ryall’s opinion when he was in opposition certainly seems to differ when he is in office… Feb 2006


“How many more babies will die before the Government realises that the current system is flawed?” – Tony Ryall, Feb 2006


Midwives’ “fear of medical intervention” led to access problems in hospitals – February 2006


Home birth deaths prompt call for midwifery review – NZ Herald, November 2005


Kahn’s story, as told on Sunday, TV One, 2004


Differing accounts of cause of damaged baby after birthing pool birth – September 2003


Tribunal rules couple can sue over baby’s death – November 2001


Article regarding the death of a Wellington baby, NZ Herald – March 2001

Red Flags

        RED FLAGS

  • Lack of monitoring
  • “Normalising” the abnormal
  • Lack of action/delay in getting emergency care
  • Going over due date
  • Failure to progress in labour
  • Meconium-stained liquor (waters)
  • Lengthy handover during emergency
  • Inconsistent reporting and documentation
  • Your concerns being ignored

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