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Thursday, 23 June 2005

I am wanting to share my story as i would have lost my 1st daughter if it wasnt for a wonderful specialist of invercargill who is now retired-i was 41 weeks and 1 day overdue then my lmc induced me i went through 24hours of labour to have a c-section, around the 18th hour and after breaking my waters my lmc found i had alot of mecconium in it and my daughter was in fetal destress,my lmc waited till i had been in labour for a while longer then decided to ring a specialist that then told my lmc that i was to wait as he was in bed and i was to wait till 8:30am till he was awake. He was not there at 8:30am so this wonderful specialist came past and asked my lmc wat was going on, then he examined me and i was off to theatre.I was later told when my beautiful daughter was born that he had 7 minutes to get her out or he would have had to deliver a dead baby(his words)I found this out before he told me as i overheard him telling my lmc off. i thank him so much he is my angel,the problem with some docs and lmcs is they are playing god with ppls lives its not fair.The funny thing is i have since had 2 more children and have been given both of my maternity notes and am still waiting just about 6 years for my 1st daughters ones-funny that huh?(TRYING TO HIDE SOMETHING OR WAT?)


Red Flags

        RED FLAGS

  • Lack of monitoring
  • “Normalising” the abnormal
  • Lack of action/delay in getting emergency care
  • Going over due date
  • Failure to progress in labour
  • Meconium-stained liquor (waters)
  • Lengthy handover during emergency
  • Inconsistent reporting and documentation
  • Your concerns being ignored

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